• Say “no” without guilt and reset boundaries in your relationships
  • Take time for your self-care and be in creative flow with your work
  • Create empowering, supportive personal and professional relationships

YES! You can find clarity and inner confidence with safe, natural flower essences!


Anu Dayal – Gulati
Transformational Coach, Author, Speaker
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Anu Gulati is a certified energy practitioner, specializing in family energy dynamics and emotional healing.

She has nearly a decade of experience helping clients improve their relationships, set healthy boundaries, and manifest their dreams. Drawing on positive psychology, the tradition of her spiritual heritage, and extensive energy training, Anu focuses on wildflower infusions called flower essences to help her clients heal the impact of their family background. In working energetically with their past, they can change the present and create a more desirable future.

Born and raised in India, Anu came to the U.S. to do her Ph.D in economics. After a career in international finance and teaching, Anu found her real passion in teaching people to thrive (not just survive). Her first non-business book, Heal Your Roots: Uncover the Family Patterns That Hold You Back will be released this year.


Stressed, anxious, hurt, angry or overwhelmed? Your emotions are sending you an urgent, compelling, and important message about yourself.
Is your anger
masking a
deep frustration
about work or
Is your hurt
actually coming
from a feeling
of invalidation?
Is your anxiety
coming from feeling
truly helpless
and powerless?

These are messages about your dreams, your hopes, your boundaries and where you might have compromised your personal power, your values, and abandoned your self-care. When you pay close attention, your emotions act like a compass giving you valuable insight and clear direction. They maybe telling you to:

  • Perhaps you need confidence and assurance to express your needs
  • Perhaps you need to set energetic and verbal boundaries to protect yourself
  • Perhaps you need to take action in honoring your dreams

The first step to change is to become aware of the deeper messages your emotional overwhelm is sending you. It’s easy to slip back into old, familiar patterns of thinking behavior. This is where flower essences empower you to create positive change by shifting the thoughts that drive your emotions. Your life can start to unfold in a new and beautiful way!


Flower essences are a form of energy medicine that creates sustainable change. First discovered by a British surgeon in the 1930s, they have been around for almost a hundred years now. Essences are infusion of wildflowers that carry the healing emotional energy of the flower. When we take flower essences, they shift the thoughts and emotions that keep us in a tight grip.

Thank you so much for your help! I’ve been taking the essence for four weeks and feel I’m less stressed and I also feel that I take on less of other people’s problems. I’m doing much better in setting boundaries. I find myself having a more positive outlook and feeling more self-assured and optimistic.

— Anita C. (Illinois)


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