About Flower Essence Healing

How Flower Essence Healing Was Born

About a decade ago, I’d never heard of the job flower essence practitioner—and I’d been using flower essences for a long time. I was an economist, armed with a doctorate. I worked in multilateral banking in Washington D.C. and my world was filled with economic theories, data and policy debate. Into this world came marriage, children and the inevitable juggling of motherhood and responsibilities at work.

Still, my world of economist and young wife and mother remained describable; and to my eyes, life appeared circumscribed, predictable. Then slowly, another vision intervened. Illnesses, even death, hospitalizations, job transitions, and moves across the United States revealed where theories ended and reality began.

These events drew upon hidden strengths connected to my old homeland. I grew up in India—a country where faith, search for meaning, and intuition co-exist with material and intellectual drive and aspirations. The comfortable co-existence of the heart and the mind are woven into life’s daily fabric. And this integration was not “out there,” but within each of us.

During this time I also heard about flower essences, which seemed to have a power that resonated with my own deep-rooted philosophy of healing and health. This initial introduction inspired the journey that ultimately led to the creation of my company, Flower Essence Healing. I became a student again. I studied and trained in the Bach flower essence system, which was discovered by the British surgeon Edward Bach in the 1920s.

Flower essences became the lifeline during my time of stress and turmoil; and I know now that these personal challenges gave me the opportunity to change and grow. I gave up my job in economics and business. That work, which had seemed so important, had lost all meaning. To the surprise of associates and other friends, I dedicated myself to my new path. It’s the right path. I see this as I help other people overcome their own emotional hurdles. I am grateful to be a flower essence practitioner. It’s an infinitely rewarding occupation. Allow me to help you in your journey to wellbeing and see what the essences can do.

Anu Gulati