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Do you feel nourished by your relationships?
Do you find it hard to set healthy boundaries and practice self-care?
Have you given up on your dreams?
In other words, are you leaking personal power,
feeling stressed and anxious?

If so, you are not alone! Over a decade ago, I too felt that way.


Many years ago, I came to the U.S. to earn my Ph.D. in economics. Bereft of family and friends in cold New England, I missed the warmth and sunshine of India. Money was tight and it barely stretched far enough to call home or buy a warm winter coat. Armed at last with my newly minted doctorate degree, I was ecstatic to get my coveted, dream job. Suddenly, I could buy things I had yearned for and get paid to travel around the globe. Even more, I loved the work I did! I felt validated, appreciated and acknowledged.

Yet, after my son was born, I found it overwhelming trying to balance work and family. In frustration, I quit my dream job and let my husband’s career determine where my family would live while I focused on raising our son. But, after two moves, the ground had cracked open beneath my feet.

Death, dislocation and health issues in my family weighed me down. I could barely manage to get through the endless, repetitive, routines of the day—groceries, errands, carpool, and dinner—the little, daily moments that create life. I had a resume of accomplishments—published books, degrees, research papers, and professional experience—but the skills I had did not match the challenges I was dealing with.

Barely functional, I experienced my “dark night of the soul.” It was at this time, in the midst of my despair, that I stumbled on flower essences. My rational mind wanted to dismiss them, but my anguished heart needed support and the essences started to nurture me with their gentle care.

Then one day while sitting in a windowless room, in a cheerless, dry, economics presentation, I realized that the career path I had chosen was not nourishing me any longer. The insight actually felt more like a divine download. I believe that flower essences helped me “see” my choices with clarity and courage. That day was a turning point in my life, and I made a decision to abandon my career altogether and craft a life in alignment with what I truly believed. I trained and became a certified flower essence practitioner.

Today, I see the value of my journey and life experiences and that it was part of the grand plan the universe had for my life. Hope is the hardest love we carry for ourselves. Having seen my life blossom again, I knew I wanted to help and guide others to see the value of their life experiences and recover their sense of hope and happiness. I wanted to help people reclaim their personal power and not give up.

For the last ten years, I have been working with my clients, and this has been both deeply gratifying and humbling. As I see the shifts that unfold in their lives—speaking up assertively at work, leaving a troubled relationship, improving their relationships with their children, making peace with their hurtful past—I know this is not just another job. I have found my calling—to help others tune into their emotional guidance system, reclaim their personal power, and come home to harmony and themselves.

In an initial intake session, my intention is to listen to the issues that you are dealing with and identify the emotions that are coming up. In listening and feeling between the lines to what is being said or perhaps not being said, I offer perceptive insights that give you deep clarity into your emotions and the triggers that are coming up for you. I then choose a combination of essences to empower and support you from within in dealing with these issues. By calming the emotions, your uniquely chosen essences allow you to become aware of the thought patterns and beliefs that you are holding.

When using the essences, you become aware of conditioned, habitual, unsupportive, negative thought patterns that you have absorbed from the culture, media, your family, or your experiences. By working with flower essences, you can start to break the cycle of these overwhelming thought patterns and release yourself from their emotional grip. You can finally start to reclaim your personal power. As you do so, you discover the actions that you need to take to move forward.

On taking the essences, you may not feel anything is “happening.” That’s because the essences work extremely gently, but you will notice that your reaction to the people, situations, and events that trigger you has shifted. Each customized bottle lasts about three-and-a-half weeks. I offer single sessions or a package of three sessions. In each follow-up consultation, the customized blend changes to reflect the emotional shifts that have taken place in you.

I am a certified Bach flower essence practitioner, but also use Alaskan essences as well as those created by the Flower Essence Society. In addition to three years of training in Bach flower essences, I have two years of advanced training in Systemic Family Constellations—a study of family energy fields—which helps me understand inter-generational emotional issues. This allows me to assist my clients in expanding their awareness so that they can access their own healing.

At the end of the day, our healing journey is a contract between ourselves and the Great Healer. I do not heal. I simply facilitate the connection between you and the healing energy of the flowers and let them do their work. They empower and guide you from within giving you newfound clarity and the confidence to make changes.

The flower essences have helped me to manage my energy levels naturally, enabling me to remain calm in stressful situations and energized in active situations. They gave me the energy to draw upon my own strengths to tackle any challenge. The essences helped me to feel more centered.

— Melanie P. (Delaware)


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