Pre-Made Formulas


Customized blends are always better—but if you need them in a hurry or you just want to try flower essences, here are some blends I created.


For when we’re feeling blue.

Mustard, Hornbeam, Gorse, Gentian, Wild Rose and Zinnia

Price: $25 (includes a 30ml bottle of the essence) 


When we love them, hate them, or they drive us crazy!

Beech, Holly, Impatiens, Vervain, Cherry Plum and Snapdragon

Price: $25 (includes a 30ml bottle of the essence) 


Enough of grinding our wheels!

Hornbeam, Fear-less, Wild Rose, Mimulus, Gentian and Gorse

Price: $25 (includes a 30ml bottle of the essence) 


Couldn’t we all do with a dose of this!

Crab Apple, Beech, Calla Lily, Buttercup and Larch

Price: $25(includes a 30ml bottle of the essence) 


For students if tests freak you out!

Rescue Remedy, Elm, White Chestnut, Easy Learning, Larch, Cerato

Price: $25 (includes a 30ml bottle of the essence) 




DOSAGE: Take 4 drops, 4 times a day. Have it first thing in the morning, last thing at night before you go to bed and twice in between. There are no restrictions about when you can have it. Take it with, before or after meals—just make sure you take it 4 times. You can even add it to your tea or coffee if you like!

All bottles are made using spring water with a teaspoon of brandy or glycerin to preserve the water in mailing and transportation. If you don’t like the taste of either, put your drops in a glass of water and take them. You won’t really taste the alcohol and water cuts the sweetness of glycerin.

Do not keep your bottle in the sun or a warm place where it may spoil and try not to keep it near your computer or cell phone. And please specify whether you want your dosage bottle to be preserved with brandy or glycerin. (note that the glycerin does taste sweet).