Special Events


When:   Thursday June 7th 6:30pm to 8:30pm
WhereRoots & Wings, 317 N. Main Street, Natick, MA
Cost:     $40
Register: 617-965-1216

  • What issues are you grappling with in your life?
  • What thoughts or beliefs are keeping you from implementing the
    changes you know are possible?
  • What is alive for you right now?
  • What stressors could you use some relief from?

This workshop is designed to support you in moving through your life with ease and power, just the way you want. You will learn about the healing resources of flower essences and leave with a formula designed just for you. We will also use techniques from family constellations to identify both what is holding you back and what intentions and resources will assist you in stepping forward. Please join Anu Gulati and Lori Wells for a nurturing and inspiring evening.

For information, please contact info@floweressencehealing.com.