“The flower essences have helped me to manage my energy levels naturally, enabling me to remain calm in stressful situations and energized in active situations. They gave me the energy to draw upon my own strengths to tackle any challenge. The essences helped me to feel more centered.” 

— Melanie P. (Delaware)

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Thank you so much for your help! I’ve been taking the essence for four weeks and feel I’m less stressed and I also feel that I take on less of other people’s problems. I’m doing much better in setting boundaries and in not getting emotional. I find myself having a more positive outlook and feeling more self-assured and optimistic.

— Anita C. (Illinois)

Since I started using Bach flower essences, my whole life has changed. Before I used them, I felt pretty bad. I had multiple chemical sensitivities and I was angry all the time with mood swings and depression. I would sleep but never felt refreshed. My mind was blurred. I still have a long way to go, but now I feel much better, and I sleep well most of the time. I am so glad I met Anu. She is an awesome person, very understanding and very good at what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get help naturally with no drugs. You will feel the difference.

— BT (Watertown, MA)

Although my child has not been diagnosed with ADD, he is high energy, and finds it difficult to stay focused in a social environment. I was looking for an alternative remedy that would help him modify his behavior, without any side effects. Flower essences seemed like a wonderful option to explore. It is gentle and my son was willing to take the “dose” a few times a day. In fact, he felt responsible about doing so. Since most of my son’s high-energy behavior is problematic in a classroom environment, the biggest change I found after my son took the essences for 4 weeks was that he began receiving positive feedback from his teachers and I received fewer complaints. I believe that positive encouragement helped him continue to work towards regulating his behavior. We no longer use the essences, and I believe that my son is on the path to learning how to stay focused and less impulsive. I am extremely thankful to Anu, who spent time asking detailed, thoughtful questions about my son’s behavior and his fears, anxieties, preferences, and habits, so she could formulate a blend of essences that was specifically tailored to his personality.

— Nancy B. (New Jersey)


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